100%-dimensional selection and control

BERTI MPS’s promise of custom quality assurance

Selezione e controllo | Berti MPS


Tailored precision and reliability in metal small parts manufacturing

At BERTI, we offer an exclusive service of 100% selection and dimensional control upon customer request, a hallmark of our commitment to superior quality. This meticulous process, employing advanced technologies, stands as a cornerstone of our industry.

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Customized dimensional control for every requirement

Precision and compliance

Reflecting our customer-centric approach, we provide 100% customized dimensional control, ensuring each detail meets the strictest dimensional and quality standards.

Quality assurance and conformity guarantee

This service ensures every product perfectly matches the requested specifications, significantly reducing the risk of non-conformity.

Selezione e controllo | Berti MPS


“Free Pass”: efficiency and savings for the customer

Time and cost savings

With this service, BERTI’s clients can enjoy the “Free Pass,” avoiding incoming quality checks on the small metal parts supplied by our company, leading to considerable time savings and a significant reduction in operational costs.

Trust and reliability

The option to request this exclusive service demonstrates our clients’ trust in our capabilities and the reliability of our products, strengthening long-lasting relationships based on quality and precision.

BERTI MPS: synonymous with innovation and customization in metal parts quality control

Our quality control offering reflects the essence of BERTI MPS: a steadfast commitment to innovation and customization, ensuring every stage of the production process meets and exceeds our clients’ expectations.