Customized packing and boxing

BERTI MPS’s solution for secure and protected shipments

Inscatolamento e imballaggio | Berti MPS


Ensuring protection and safety in the shipping of precision small metal parts

At BERTI, we understand the importance of proper packaging to ensure the safety of our precision products during transit. That’s why we offer a service of customized boxing and packing, designed to meet the specific needs of each client and each product.


Structural study and selection of optimal packing materials

Tailored analysis and design

Our approach begins with a thorough structural study to understand the unique requirements of each product. This allows us to develop packaging solutions that protect and preserve the product during shipment.

Material Selection

We carefully choose packing materials, opting for solutions that provide maximum protection. From shock-absorbent padding to anti-corrosion materials, every choice is aimed at ensuring product safety.

Inscatolamento e imballaggio | Berti MPS


Optimal packaging for product safety and protection

Damage and Shock Prevention

Our packaging is designed to maintain the integrity of the products, preventing shocks and damages that could compromise the quality of the precision manufacturing.

Customized packaging

Boxes and packing materials tailored to each detail, from size to shape, ensure perfect fit for the contents. This guarantees a secure and protected shipment, in line with the highest customer expectations.

Committed to reliable shipments in the small metal parts sector

BERTI’s offering of customized boxing and packing services reflects our commitment to providing a complete and high-quality service. Every step, from production to packaging, is carefully planned and executed with the goal of ensuring maximum customer satisfaction and product safety.