BERTI MPS: precision and quality in metal small parts

Welcome to BERTI MPS, your prime choice for solutions in precision small metal parts. As leaders with generations of experience, we blend the most advanced productive technology with unmatched expertise in the field.


Reliability and Innovation

Each BERTI MPS product emerges from a meticulous selection of materials and avant-garde processes, assuring components that set new benchmarks for quality, reliability, and safety in the industry.

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Feasibility study and material research

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Selection and control

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Boxing and Packaging

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Warehouse stock

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Customization and Flexibility

Our operational excellence is tailored to meet your specific needs, whether you demand mass production or custom solutions. At BERTI MPS, cutting-edge technology and social responsibility unite to advocate an ethical journey toward a sustainable future.


BERTI’s Promise

More than just delivering precision parts, we pledge to provide an exceptional customer experience founded on reciprocal trust and enduring cooperation. Discover how BERTI MPS can transform your needs into outcomes with superior precision and certified quality.

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