BERTI MPS machine park: versatility and innovation for every production requirement

Produzione - Parco Macchine | Berti MPS


Technological excellence in the precision small metal parts sector

At BERTI, our machine park is the heart of our dynamic production capacity. Equipped with a wide variety of advanced machinery, we can respond with flexibility and precision to the diverse needs of our clients. Our range includes mechanical multi-spindle, CNC multi-spindle, and CNC single-spindle machines, each selected for its specific capabilities and benefits. Our production capacity covers a broad dimensional range, starting from precision work on bars with a minimum diameter of Ø8 mm, turning up to Ø4 mm, extending to a maximum bar pass of Ø65 mm. This allows us to meet a wide range of needs in the metalworking sector.

Parco Macchine

Mechanical and CNC multi-spindle machines: efficiency and precision

Mechanical multi-spindle machines: these machines are ideal for large lot production, guaranteeing efficiency and repeatability. Perfect for standardized operations, they offer high production speed while maintaining consistent quality.

CNC Multi-Spindle Machines: Combining the versatility of multi-spindles with the precision of CNC, these machines are suited for medium-sized lots and parts that require complex operations. They provide flexibility, precision, and the ability to perform more intricate processes.

CNC single-spindle machines: for high precision work

CNC single-spindle machines: these advanced machines are used for smaller lot production and highly complex parts. They offer extreme precision and the capability to perform very detailed operations, thanks to high-precision CNC control.

Produzione - Parco Macchine | Berti MPS


Meeting every client’s needs

The variety of our machine park allows us to adapt to a wide range of requests, both in terms of lot size and part complexity. We can efficiently handle both large lots of standardized production and small series of highly customized or technically complex pieces.

Produzione - Parco Macchine | Berti MPS


Technology and innovation at the service of the customer

At BERTI, every machine in our park is a fundamental piece in our commitment to production excellence. Our ability to offer customized solutions, supported by cutting-edge technologies, makes us a reliable and versatile partner in the precision small metal parts sector.